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Updated: Oct 6, 2021

In this blog I will share wonderful stories, memories and just random thoughts. Care to share in some stories as well? Great, glad to hear. So grab a cup of joe, put your thoughts on paper then upload for all of us read here at Kwaffee Twalk.



Funeral Service for Shelley Cameron August 5th 2019. As told by Karissa Cameron-Wray

*Moonlit Dust to Desert Rain. Moonlit Dust to Desert Rain. Come in Desert Rain. Do you Read?*

Dear Shelley,

Bonus Mom. Mom. Grammaw. Desert Rain. Sorry this letter is finding you after you’ve already gone to be with God. There are so many things I wish I could tell you again, face to face. One last conversation, one last laugh, one last hug, one last ‘I love you.’ But I know when it’s my time; I’ll get an eternity with you. An eternity of conversations, laughs, hugs, and ‘I love yous’.

I know I told you many times, but I will continue to say it, you were God-sent, ordained by the Lord, for Dad and I. From my furthest memory back, I can remember every night, in our little apartment, going into the back walk-in closet, literally our prayer closet, and laying hands on this piece of paper taped on the wall. Our prayer list. Our faith list. And on it, we had written,

1. A good wife and mother

2. A sibling for me to grow up with

3. A house to call a ‘Home’

And every night, Dad and I would believe that God was bringing these desires of our hearts to pass. And oh, did He!

Dad meeting you was a divine appointment. Supernatural destiny. Not only did he gain the love of his life, his best friend, but God had given me You, my mom. He gave us Chelsea, another daughter for him to love, and sister for me to grow up with so that I would never have to experience life alone. And THEN, as if He isn’t faithful enough, He provided a way for ya’ll to build our childhood home! A house that we will always consider ‘Home.’ And I have grown up seeing dreams become reality. And it started with you.

Thank you for always being level-headed and showing kindness and patience towards me, even when I was being a drama queen (haha!). I know I didn’t always do the best to make our blended family the easiest environment, but you never waivered in your love towards me, towards us. Thank you for every packed lunch, for every awesome cartoon drawing on our lunch sacks, for every family dinner at the dinner table. Thank you for always going out of your way to get me my cheer, basketball, or soccer uniform when I forgot it. Thank you for making sure to get me to school, practice, and games on time. Thank you for being there to cheer me on, even when you were exhausted after a long day. Thank you for teaching me how to cook a few dishes after I got married. I know Sammy has to be pretty grateful for that one too (haha!). Thank you for teaching me how to prune rose bushes, so that mine would bloom. Thank you for sewing my clothes last minute, because I forgot to ask you in advance if you had time to do it.

Speaking of time, thank you for always having time for me. Time for a phone call, when I just needed to ask your advice. Time for me to come hang out for a little bit when I just needed to get away. Time to help me plan my wedding, when I was in a different state, and was overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done. Time to be there for your grandchildren when they were being born, no matter how many hours away it was. Time to be there for Keegan’s school plays, awards banquets, baseball games, Tae Kwon Do belt testings, and soccer games. Time. You always made time, and oh, how I wish we had more of it with you. Thank you for always being present. It has not gone unnoticed. You are a beautiful person with a beautiful heart and soul.

I don’t know that our Family Airband will be able to make it without our lead keyboardist. But I’m sure God’s got you on the keyboard during worship up there…

I can’t put into words how much I already miss you. How much we all miss you…I guess there just aren’t words to suffice just how much you have meant and will always mean to us.

I pray that when your angel ushered you through the gates, that Jesus showed you the most beautiful tiny home in middle of the prettiest field of wildflowers, with a babbling brook running through it. And I can’t wait for you to show me around.

You would always tell me “This too shall pass”, but it won’t. Not this time. But I’ll be looking for you… in every flower. Every bird song. Every hummingbird. Every Ranger win. Every worship song, and in every moment of silence…

*Moonlit Dust to Desert Rain. Moonlit Dust to Desert Rain. Come in Desert Rain. Do you Read? I love you. And until we are reunited. Over & Out*




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