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Rocks in Shoes Launches! Finally.

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

So what is Rocks in Shoes? Well Rocks in Shoes is not a "what" but rather more a "who." Who is Rocks in Shoes you may ask then? Its the Photographer and creator of this website - Brett Anthony Cameron. So the name Rocks in Shoes is a fun Native American name given to him by his family since all family members were given Native American names when going on family vacations to parks and rivers across Texas. Other names such as Desert Rain, Moonlit Dust, 'lil Gecko, Squatting Dog, Smoking Guns, Dancing Pony and Ladybug were heard amongst much laughter and fun by Brett's family when vacationing. And since rocks seem to always get in Brett's shoes and boots when hiking, he affectionately was deemed this name. How fitting. :-)

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